Diamond drilling

Diamond drilling is the fastest, safest and most efficient drilling method that causes minimal vibration, noise and is dust-free. By using this method, you can accurately and precisely make holes and openings in different foundations, such as concrete, stone, masonry, bricks, etc. Diamond drilling is performed at any inclination according to customers’ wishes.


    Drilling is performed in materials of any hardness that are used in construction, while preserving structural integrity of the material. Drilling is possible with a diameter of 8 to 1500 mm. The only fastest, unmistakably accurate drilling technology known so far. Dust-free technology. Minimal vibration. Minimal noise.

    During puncture drilling technology interconnected drillholes are made. Holes and openings are made in horizontal and vertical planes. This technology is mainly used if a construction is too deep to be cut with a regular saw or wire. Puncture drilling technology is used to perform drilling of varying degrees of complexity. Drilling can be carried out in the required size and shape, including round, foursquare, etc. It reaches a depth of up to 5 metres therefore this technology can be used to create openings for laying piles, removing crane bases, lifting shaft openings and similar works, where cutting with a saw is impossible.

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